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There are so many covers of Magnet out there now that I lost count long ago. It’s a long time since I heard any new ones from the folks on NND, though, so I was pretty surprised to see this. I suppose no one really gets tired of this song. I still remember a lot of the lyrics, more than any other Vocaloid song; it’s probably because it was one of the songs that really introduced me to Vocaloid music.

Just warning you: Yaoi alert from the beginning up to about 1:38. I felt too awkward listening to what they were saying and ended up skipping to the song. xD

Choumiryou sure had a manly voice. o_o;; I thought Freedel sounded just so-so, though I looked up some other covers to get a better idea. And I found this: a cover of Maji Love 1000%, the Uta no Prince-sama ending theme. Freedel has changed the lyrics, but unfortunately I don’t know enough Japanese to figure out what he’s saying that’s so funny. :\

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