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The story goes that Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden up until Eden was convinced by a snake to eat an apple from a tree. She wasn’t supposed to, so she and Adam were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. (Well, I’m no expert, so if you really want to learn more about the “first humans”, ask someone else.) But it looks like such a thing could happen for robots too.

I’ve heard that artificial skin that can actually feel is being developed. That’s all well and good, but then I was watching the Colbert Report on TV, which is something rare, considering that my dad has not watched either the Colbert Report or the Daily Show for a long time, and because I myself hardly ever watch TV, at least the channels (I do watch anime on DVDs, but that’s about it). He was saying that if robots could have skin, then that would mean they could be naked, which would then me they could feel shame, like humans do.

There are some stories out there about things that aren’t human but which are similar to humans or want to become humans. For instance, there’s Chobits, in which there are Persocoms, which are designed to be like humans but aren’t human. And then there’s Eureka Seven, which I just finished last week (good anime, by the way, although 50 episodes is a bit longer than I prefer, but it was worth it). Skip to the next paragraph if you haven’t watched it and don’t want to see a spoiler. Eureka, one of the main characters, isn’t human; she’s actually a Coralian, made by the Scub Coral, an intelligent life form which is not human.

I wonder if we’re ever going to make something that is so close to being human that we can’t really tell it apart from a human. Anything is possible. I wonder if that would actually happen in my lifetime. Or if it would happen many years from now. Or maybe never, after all.

Anyhow, when I was watching TV, I was pretty bored. I don’t really understand how people can watch a lot of TV. It seems too passive. I hate sitting there doing nothing and then getting annoyed by the commercial breaks. I mean, even at school, I have to keep my hands busy. I often do homework in class, which I don’t advise that you do, because sometimes the teacher will actually teach something and then you’ll miss something important.

But anyways, TV was such a bore. Maybe I’m not watching the more interesting channels; I kind of left it up to my dad. The only channel that I like a lot is HGTV, mostly because of the interior design shows.

I watched some Friends, and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (which apparently I’m not, since I don’t know which Great Lake bordered three specific states. But then I’m not sure if knowledge of facts is necessarily the right way to judge someone’s intelligence. People use the word “smart” pretty loosely.) and Don’t Forget the Lyrics. When it comes to game shows, I’d prefer to watch Deal or No Deal, but my dad says it might not even be airing anymore. If anyone knows whether it’s still going, please let me know.

I have, however, started watching the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. I don’t usually watch dramas, because they tend to be long and cliched (it’s quite common to see a rich person fall in love with a poor person in dramas :\ ). But since I recently finished Code Geass and Eureka Seven, I had nothing to watch, so I figured I might as well give Boys Over Flowers a try.

I’m on the second episode now. It’s been pretty entertaining actually. I didn’t expect much. (The person who said that if you expect nothing, you’ll never be disappointed, is quite wise. I tend to keep my expectations low so that I’ll only have pleasant surprises…Unless something is really terrible.) That curly-haired guy is such a jerk, but I guess that’s what makes it funny. Especially when the protagonist goes and kicks him in the face. I’d like to do something like that. (But then, instead of being cool, it would land me in trouble. C’est la vie…)

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I often come across two very similar things in succession. I was reading the Skip Beat! manga and Ren Tsuruga, one of the main characters, ate breakfast twice. And then when I was watching a Korean drama, Dal Ja’s Spring, the main character ate dinner three times.

Although nothing terrible happened to Ren, Dal Ja got constipation and had to be taken to the hospital. I was disgusted but I also thought Dal Ja was stupid to have done so. She could’ve just said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve already eaten” but of course she had to eat since she had been invited (and to a nice restaurant, too). Or at least she could have said no when she was going to eat dinner the third time. (But I guess us humans are still feeble-minded and often make the wrong decisions. Then again, maybe something bad would happen whatever choice we made.)

Today was a friend’s birthday, so I walked over to her house. Avatar was playing on the TV. I was excited to finally get a chance to watch it (and without have to get my own copy of the DVD) because there was a lot of uproar over it when it came out. (Too bad watching it on the TV means that it isn’t in 3D, but oh well. 3D would probably make me dizzy or it would be too realistic and give me a heart attack. It still looks nice even if it isn’t in 3D). I was surprised about how tall the Na’vi were and also that they had tails. From what I had seen, they had seemed very humanoid, so I hadn’t expected that.

I had another encounter with James Cameron (the director) because soon afterwards I saw an imitation of Titanic (which happens to be one of his films too). I can’t remember whether I’ve watched Titanic or not, but I think I probably haven’t. And now that I think of it, I still want to watch Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. I still haven’t gotten around to it…I wonder if the DVD is out. In that case, I can get it from the library.

Lately I haven’t had much appetite. It’s probably because I stay inside most of the time (since it’s hot and sunny without any clouds, most of the time, outside) and because I’m not really able to go far from the house. I had been hoping that I would be able to go on walks by myself for the purpose of taking photos, but that hasn’t happened, seeing as my mom says, “Wait until we get home, then you can go with your dad.” But it’s kind of weird. Sometimes I can feel so lonely, but there are many times now that I just want some peace and quiet. I wonder if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I’m becoming so solitary.

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That’s a phrase that I saw in the book The Heights, the Depths, and Everything in Between by Sally Nemeth. And I thought it was really very true.

Life can give a person a lot of happiness, but also a lot of pain. If we didn’t have the good times to keep us up, the sorrow in our lives would take over. There are still things that I’ve done in the past that continue to haunt me. If I didn’t have good memories that I could recall, I don’t know how I could keep from being swallowed.

My mom says that she likes to watch funny dramas so she can have something to laugh about. I find her interest in watching dramas rather amusing. She checked out this book from the library about a guy named Jerry in Australia. (There was a picture of him visiting the Twelve Apostles, which are these rocks in the ocean – unfortunately there are no longer twelve of them – which I had visited myself last summer)

My parents also seem to know about Super Junior. And then my mom said she knew about one of the guys from SS501 and how he was in Boys over Flowers or something like that. My dad, on the other hand, for a short time, kept mentioning someone called Angela Baby.

There really aren’t that many differences between teenagers and middle-aged people. Both of them like…
– Asian dramas
– Social networking sites (Facebook, Kaixin, etc.)
– Being selfish

In fact, I wonder if that means that adults are immature or if that teenagers are actually middle-aged in their mindset.

Well, my mom had said that the older you get, the more you recede and become more childlike…Like slot machines, for instance. They have bright, cute pictures (cherries, bananas, diamonds, etc.) and make amusing noises. In a way they are like toys. No, I take that back – they ARE toys. Toys that take your money. XD

I’ve been watching an anime called Special A the past few days, and it’s been pretty good. But it has a lot of similarities to Skip Beat, which I have also watched (and am currently reading the manga of).
– are in the Hana to Yume magazine
– have clueless heroines
– have heroines who are out to beat someone (Kyoko wants to top Sho, while Hikari wants to defeat Kei)
– have scenes where a character has a very evil aura
And so on. It’s always possible to pick out similarities between stories. I guess it’s because of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” idea. After Harry Potter came the Lightning Thief. I haven’t read the Olympians but I’ve heard that both involve half-bloods and such things. So it seems to very common for people to borrow one another’s ideas.

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Well, the common phrase is “Thank God it’s Friday”, which even inspired the restaurant called TGI Friday. In fact, I saw a poll one time and it seems the majority of people pick Friday as their favorite day. (Personally, it’s not my favorite day, because I still do my homework on Friday so I have the weekend free…) But it seems to me that Black Friday, which was just three days ago, is not necessarily the best day of the week to go shopping.

I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday because of a few things… For one, my parents said there probably wouldn’t be good deals at the stores, because this year, because of the suffering economy, stores didn’t stock up a lot, so they aren’t desperate to sell off their merchandise right now. There might be better deals around Christmas or some other later time. Also, the stores were probably going to be really crowded, and my family didn’t want to have to deal with that. (Thus, we escaped to the museum, as mentioned in the post “A building full of life and death”)

On Saturday, since my family was going to be visiting the house of their friends (the friends had a new house, which the previous owners had lost through foreclosure! Scary), we took a detour to Great Mall, figuring we could buy a few things. There were already warning signs when we were driving there. At the turn-off that eventually leads to a different mall, Valley Fair, a lot of cars were stuck waiting. We went to the mall, and were having trouble finding a parking space, but luckily my dad snagged one later on when someone else was leaving. I had expected that everyone had gone shopping yesterday, but it was a wrong assumption, just like when I assumed that no one would go to the California Academy of Sciences on Friday because they’d be busy shopping. D:

We only ended up buying one thing (I did see a few items of clothing I liked, but it wasn’t worthwhile because either the price wasn’t really, really cheap or the clothes were not unique) which was, surprisingly, some earthenware. We got it from the store called Daiso Japan. There are a lot of Daiso Japans popping up in my area. I’ve seen three of them. I like Daiso, but I can’t really read the labels because it’s in Japanese, and my ability to read it is practically zilch.

The good thing about going to the mall was that Hershey’s was giving out free chocolate at several locations that day. They had several flavors of Hershey’s Bliss, such as Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. I think all the flavors are yummy but my favorite is Milk Chocolate, as is typical for me. No one really cares if you come back later to take a second chocolate from a place you’ve already taken chocolate from. My parents think Hershey’s must’ve lost a LOT of money that day, giving away chocolate.

Then, after a few hours squandered in the mall, we went to my parents’ friend’s house. It’s not a bad house, even if it is one-story (I’ve always wanted to live in either a multiple-story house or an apartment…My house has two stories, but there is only one room upstairs which we use mostly for storage). I was surprised to see that the family keeps a chicken. The chicken is almost 8 years old now. They raised her basically since she was a just a chick. She actually lays eggs. I heard there used to be another chicken except it was eating by wild animals…Raccoons or something…Yikes. My parents’ friends set up some Christmas lights around the chicken coop and stuff like that to scare off the animals.

It seems to me that middle-aged Asian people really like to watch soap operas and other TV shows. My parents and their friends were having an exciting discussion about places to watch dramas, like PP Live and PP Stream and things like that. (I am familiar with them since I have seen my mother using them. Even my dad watches dramas sometimes, though he’s more of a movie person) In fact, when my mom and another friend (there were two other guests) recommended a website, the host dashed off to his computer to check out the site. I didn’t see him for quite a while after that, except for when I passed his office when heading to the bathroom…Wow. He was watching dramas, I think.

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I see that people are as selfish as ever. They all want ice cream because it’s free. I know this since I showed up around 5:30 pm yesterday at the school, because I heard there would be free ice cream. However, many students were already there because they’d gone to the Cougar Fest (the Kennedy kids stay after school to do activites like pony hopping, rock climbing, bungee jumping, hoop shooting, and other things. I heard there were even Wii games. Probably just Wii Sports, though, and you get that for free when you buy a Wii). I paled looking at the long line of students, and my dad and I made a hasty getaway. We ate some cookies and cream ice cream at home instead.

I wish the Nature Center had been unlocked. I would like to show my dad sometime since he likes gardening. He wanted me to put his name and “A husband, a father, and a gardener” on his gravestone. So I thought it’d be cool to give him a tour of our school’s nature center, which is a garden of sorts that is sometimes used for scientific studies, especially in seventh grade (our classroom has a back door leading to the Nature Center). There’s all sorts of nice and not-so-nice things like two ponds (one is broken and man-made. The other is…thriving. One time we had a pair of ducks land in the Nature Center. They might want to mate there), many plants (ginkgos are my favorite trees since their fan-shaped leaves are kind of pretty), and benches (sometimes we have fern plants there, or “plaster of Paris” to use to make molds of fossils o_O;; ). It’s better than a stuffy classroom all day, anyhow.

I have been watching drama, a Korean one called One Fine Day. My mom checked it out from the library so I took a look at it. It started off in the city of Sydney so of cuorse I had to watch it, because I watch things that have my name in it (like Finding Nemo, a cool animated movie about a clownfish). Dramas are strange. There’s lots of yelling, cheesy background music, etc. I’m too used to anime, which makes Korean seem foreign to me. But I think my mom and I know some words in Korean now.

Ching-jang-neh-yo (that’s how you pronounce it, not how it’s spelled XD) is boss or team manager?
Abuji – Father
Amani (“Ama” for short?) – Mother
Neh (how do you spell that) – Yes
Deh – Either “no” or “pardon?” depending?
Oppa – Brother (I was confused about this at first. A character is called Gun but his sister calls him Oppa)

I have changed the layout of the blog. It is now Koda Kumi themed. I found it on Blogskins.com which has some pretty cool skins. You have to hunt for them sometimes, though. I have trouble getting my playlist’s HTML code to work here, so I have put a link to my playlist in the click away section, and instead put an Imeem song 30 second preview thing instead.

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I came up with a scientific experiment you can try at home with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. Oftentimes it is hard to get out the substance you want to use if there is not much of it left in the container. So, since most containers are designed to have the lid thing facing the ceiling, you’ll have to wait a while for the shampoo/conditioner/body wash to fall all the way down so you can squirt it out. Instead, swing it backward towards your shoulder, then with one powerful movement swing it back forward. The momentum and the kinetic energy together make the shampoo/conditioner/body wash quickly move to the other end of the bottle. This worked with a Softsoap Honey and Milk bodywash but it didn’t work with the Vanilla Organic Conditioner since it is so thick and dry, nowhere near liquidy enough.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve last posted…I’ve been busy with projects (A children’s story in language arts, and I made the pages too big, so I have to draw huge pictures for it, and also a booklet in science about geologic history). But not only that, there’s the evil TurboTax!

TurboTax is a program which my dad uses at least once or twice a year to take care of all the taxes our family has to pay. My dad takes out a lot of papers and stares at the computer screen until his face becomes angry. While doing TurboTax he’s always grumpy, so he either won’t respond when you talk to him, or he’ll pick fights. Like if you hang around the computer he starts asking in an angry way, “Do you want to use the computer or not?!” And when I say no he just gets even madder. It’s really scary and my mom doesn’t like it either. I think he might need some anger management books.

My dad has started watching drama sometimes too. There is this one show in Mandarin which he will watch some evenings. The music is repetitive and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of different songs. It is cheesy music but kind of catchy in a weird way. One time the music played while one of the characters on the TV was answering their phone (which had a rather generic ringtone). I thought it was bad timing to play the background music at a time like that.

On Friday, my history teacher was looking pretty upset. Mr. Blair had new glasses and his face was very angry and serious, so he looked scary. I heard someone stole a can of Coca Cola out of Mr. Blair’s mini-fridge. I don’t think that’s the only reason, though. He wouldn’t look that upset over just one can of soda, would he? Unless it was like a Gatorade bottle where you might’ve won something. and he won some kind of sweepstakes.

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Y’know. Just a twisted version of “Be careful what you wish for”. Anyhow, did anyone hear about the peanut butter? Yes? No? Well, if you didn’t, I heard recently that a lot of peanut butter was recalled because it was discovered to have salmonella bacteria on it. The old sal is supposed to be living on chickens. That’s why you need to be careful about cooking your chicken carefully.

Anyhoo, back to the point. I saw on TV a kid (who looked like he might eat too much sweets. No offense to the poor guy) and he got infected. He said he was “very sick…I wanted to die.” It’s not a good sign when young’uns start saying that sort of stuff. (Usually you hear that from depressed teenagers)

Today we are trying out some new cooking. We have this portable cooker. We cook soup on it, then we dip meat into the soup (the oven/cooker thing still on) and eat it once that is cooked. It’s pretty cool. We tried it in Japan (and they even gave us vanilla ice cream bars afterward. Too bad my dad keeps eating up our popsicles). I was surprised to find my parents had such a thing stowed here.

I was trying to concentrate on my factoring story (called the cheesy name, The Factor of the Opera) and I made some progress; I added some pictures. Still, it is a hassle doing the project. I want to give up already but I can’t since I’m not finished. D: Maybe I should bribe someone to do it for me (then again, I wouldn’t be able to ensure the quality). For instance, one of my friends wanted to color my cover, but knowing she is not particularly skilled at art, I refused. She got very offended by that. (Sometimes I doubt whether to call her my friend. But then, it would hurt her feelings to say I didn’t like her as much as she liked me.)

My mom’s been watching a lot of dramas lately. Ever since we watched Boys Over Flowers: The Movie (aka Hana Yori Dango) on an airplane, she got interested in seeing what the main story was about. So she tried watching the Korean version, Boys Before Flowers (but that series isn’t finished yet) so then she’s watching Meteor Garden (Taiwanese version?).

By the way, does anyone here like to do puzzles? You know, with a lot of little pieces and you put it together to make a picture? I have one at home that I can’t feel motivated to do, so come over here and help me please. D:

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