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On Wednesday morning, a problem presented itself when I was about to leave for school. Every weekday, I go to school by carpooling with one or both of my parents. I was ready to leave, but my mother told me that she couldn’t find the car keys! She said that perhaps my father had taken them with him. I tried to help her look for the keys, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, my mom said, “You’ll have to walk.” I balked at the idea. “What?! It takes at least twenty minutes to get there! I’ll never make it in time!” “Oh, yes you will.” I suggested using the bike, but that was an impractical idea considering that I would probably need to register my bike at the school office or something along those lines, and anyways, the roller backpack is rather heavy.

So eventually I set off for school, in a panicked state of mind, breaking into a run out of paranoia. I tried to run as much of the way as I could, but I tired after awhile, and I saw some other students walking. I wasn’t sure whether they were Kennedy students until I walked a bit faster and caught up (and quickly overpassed – I walk faster than the average person, or maybe I was just in a rush) and saw two people that I recognized. At this point I decided I didn’t have to run anymore. And when I got closer to the school I realized Zero Period PE was still going on, so I wasn’t late at all. I had arrived in good time.

I heard from my mother that my dad had driven home so he could take my mom to work. (Without the keys, you can’t unlock the car or even get it moving. There is another car in the garage, but my mom doesn’t know how to drive it – my dad was the only one who drove that car, and we haven’t used it recently – and anyways there was no way we could get it out of the driveway without crashing into the car that we were supposed to use.) It turned out my dad really had taken the car keys with him. My mom said she wants to have a copy of the keys made (and I bet I’ll be the one keeping the spares. I am quite scatterbrained, but it would still be safer with me in the future).

It mildly annoyed me that when I went to school, no one seemed to notice the minor trauma that I had just experienced that morning. My mom insists it wasn’t that big of a deal, or at least I wasn’t showing that much outward instability. I mean, I could have easily been late for school because of my need to improvise on transportation. (There wasn’t really someone else who could take me to school…I know a few people on my street go to my middle school, but I believe they probably bike or walk) But I suppose it’s just as well, because it didn’t happen, and so I should let the past (even if it is only the very recent past) be the past.

In my history class, we had been working on a group project, where we were to present people and parts of the lifestyle (like farming, food, architecture, laws, entertainment, and so on). My group wanted to get more practice in, so we were going to meet up at the library. I was very worried about this because I really don’t have any way to get there. My parents are both working, so I don’t have a ride, and I’m not allowed to walk or bike all the way there by myself. One of the other people in my group offered to stop by and pick me up, so I ended up riding in her car.

At the library, I was surprised to see so many people there. There were quite a few young children. Many of them were captivated by the big fish tank near the children’s section. They would peer into the tank and say, “Oh! Nemo!” and things like that. And their mothers would eventually try to pull them away. I think perhaps I did that, too, when I was younger and the library was very new. It’s kind of nice to see that the fish tank is still there. I’m not too fond of change; I like familiarity, and having things in my life that I can always depend on.

I saw a lot of teenagers at the library. Some of them, like my group, were there to work on homework (I saw a few girls with a big poster), but others seemed not to be doing anything in particular. I saw some people outside climbing on the statues. Do people really have nothing to do? I guess they’re still young, after all. It must be nice to be so blithe and carefree.

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There are two Chinas, actually, the People’s Republic of China (the big country) and the Republic of China (the island of Taiwan), but both countries are Mandarin-speaking and Mandarin-writing.

This poses a problem for me, especially considering the vast population of the big China. Mandarin is becoming more of an important language to know in the world, and I’m already affected, despite that fact that my “world” is still not very big.

On Friday afternoon, while I was at home, the phone started ringing. I decided to pick it up, figuring it might be one of my parents. It was a lady speaking in Mandarin. I was quiet a while, trying to translate it in my head. The lady finally said something in English, something about a clinic, and that made sense to me. Then she spoke in Mandarin asking if ___ (my mom’s name) was home, to which I responded she wasn’t. The lady seemed slightly worried, saying that my mom had an appointment tomorrow and she wanted to know if it could be rescheduled or something like that. I tried to reply that I would tell my mom, but I couldn’t come up with the right words…So after a little pause, I hung up.

This made me realize what a pickle I’m in. I can understand Mandarin to some degree (I know more of the Shanghai dialect than Mandarin because my parents speak that at home), but I am illiterate (the only ones I can easily recognize are 人, 一, 二, 三, 四, 月, 火, 上, 下, 小, 大, 云, and 中). Also, I can only say a few phrases. One of the phrases I know sounds like “Wan Dan La!” (Don’t really know how to translate it.) My parents say it is something more commonly said in Taiwan, almost like slang, I guess, and they think I must have picked it up from one of my friends from Taiwan. But that’s weird, because usually I speak English with my friends.

Anyways, I will be in a real fix if Mandarin becomes the language of the world. I mean, it’s already the #1 spoken language of the world, and the second place language, Spanish, is far behind. I’m kind of worried. I don’t think I could easily learn to read Chinese at this age. I did start learning once during a summer, years back, but I’ve already forgotten. It was more like I was memorizing the lines so I knew what to say; not sure if I actually knew what I was reading. Anyways, it gets harder and harder the older you get to learn a language. So if you want to learn, start early. (I’m jealous of my cousins in France. They have already started learning English and they’re not even in middle school yet)

Recently, my middle school had an Electives Night. I didn’t attend, though I wanted to (just to get cookies from the cooking classroom! They have great cookies). My mom said, “Why do you want to go? You’re going to a different school next year, so it doesn’t matter.” And so I stayed home.

But some students did go, to help my French teacher out, since she has to “sell” her classes and all. Parents and students tend to wonder, “Should I take French or Spanish?” (I say French, but I’m biased.) Since Spanish is considered to be more useful (because more people speak Spanish, and California is close to Mexico), more students take Spanish. And there is somewhat of a misconception that Spanish is easier than French. (I have no idea about that, but I’m guessing they’re about the same once you get used to them. You just have to get more of an accent for speaking French) There is one good argument for French, though, and that’s the fact that there is no Spanish Week at my school, only French Week. Haha!

I really wish the schools still offered German. And I’d like to learn Italian (but then again, I hear if you know French or Spanish – or both – it shouldn’t be too hard to understand Italian. French, Spanish, and Italian all use the word “Ciao!” for “goodbye”). It’d be nice if my school had Japanese. Then I could learn Japanese 1 in 8th grade and take Japanese 2 in high school. It seems weird that Japanese 2 is an option for freshmen. Only people who learned Japanese outside of school or who already knew Japanese would be able to take it, right? I feel like it’s a setback for me and other students since we can’t take Japanese in middle school (not even Mandarin, the class got cut, sadly). I’d like to be able to get all 5 levels of a language done.

Then again, it’s not horrible if you don’t take AP classes, is it? I’ve heard that AP classes are college level classes. I suppose if you take AP classes and then make yourself busy in college, you can graduate earlier or something. But I don’t see why you have to be in such a rush in life. Why not take it at your own pace? (Assuming your pace isn’t as slow as mine, since I want to retire and all) I guess this competitive world and market makes people feel they must try their hardest, be the fastest and the best, so they can come out on top.

But if you’ve got friends like these, who needs anemone? (Get it? It’s a joke from Finding Nemo.) I know that doesn’t make sense, but I just wanted to say that for once.

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I see that people are as selfish as ever. They all want ice cream because it’s free. I know this since I showed up around 5:30 pm yesterday at the school, because I heard there would be free ice cream. However, many students were already there because they’d gone to the Cougar Fest (the Kennedy kids stay after school to do activites like pony hopping, rock climbing, bungee jumping, hoop shooting, and other things. I heard there were even Wii games. Probably just Wii Sports, though, and you get that for free when you buy a Wii). I paled looking at the long line of students, and my dad and I made a hasty getaway. We ate some cookies and cream ice cream at home instead.

I wish the Nature Center had been unlocked. I would like to show my dad sometime since he likes gardening. He wanted me to put his name and “A husband, a father, and a gardener” on his gravestone. So I thought it’d be cool to give him a tour of our school’s nature center, which is a garden of sorts that is sometimes used for scientific studies, especially in seventh grade (our classroom has a back door leading to the Nature Center). There’s all sorts of nice and not-so-nice things like two ponds (one is broken and man-made. The other is…thriving. One time we had a pair of ducks land in the Nature Center. They might want to mate there), many plants (ginkgos are my favorite trees since their fan-shaped leaves are kind of pretty), and benches (sometimes we have fern plants there, or “plaster of Paris” to use to make molds of fossils o_O;; ). It’s better than a stuffy classroom all day, anyhow.

I have been watching drama, a Korean one called One Fine Day. My mom checked it out from the library so I took a look at it. It started off in the city of Sydney so of cuorse I had to watch it, because I watch things that have my name in it (like Finding Nemo, a cool animated movie about a clownfish). Dramas are strange. There’s lots of yelling, cheesy background music, etc. I’m too used to anime, which makes Korean seem foreign to me. But I think my mom and I know some words in Korean now.

Ching-jang-neh-yo (that’s how you pronounce it, not how it’s spelled XD) is boss or team manager?
Abuji – Father
Amani (“Ama” for short?) – Mother
Neh (how do you spell that) – Yes
Deh – Either “no” or “pardon?” depending?
Oppa – Brother (I was confused about this at first. A character is called Gun but his sister calls him Oppa)

I have changed the layout of the blog. It is now Koda Kumi themed. I found it on Blogskins.com which has some pretty cool skins. You have to hunt for them sometimes, though. I have trouble getting my playlist’s HTML code to work here, so I have put a link to my playlist in the click away section, and instead put an Imeem song 30 second preview thing instead.

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I don’t remember the phrase exactly anymore, except I know Gill (an angelfish) and his gang (other assorted fish, all of them living in a fish tank in a dentist’s office in Sydney, Australia) said that when they were making Nemo (one of the main characters, and he’s a clownfish with a mutated fin) one of them. If you’ve watched the movie Finding Nemo, this may ring a bell in your head. For some reason I kept thinking of it lately. I guess it’s because when I’m playing a video game, Animal Crossing: Wild World, I keep on catching clownfish when I’m fishing in the ocean. (It’s too bad you can’t go swimming or own a boat in that game, but oh well.)

Lately my parents are talking to my dad’s friends a lot because my family is planning a trip to Australia this summer. We’re going for a pretty long time, a couple of weeks, I think. Though it is shallow to think this, I always wonder if I’m going to get Internet access, because I don’t want to get behind on role-playing on one of the websites I visit (by the way, role-playing is kind of like writing a book, except each of the characters is controlled by a different person, so basically it’s a group effort. Role-plays can be anything from a pack of wolves running from humans, to vampires mingling with humans – sometimes it’s too much like Twilight, so I only join ones that aren’t using Twilight characters – to depressed people going to a summer camp). Also, I don’t want to miss making money on the Internet, even if it’s fake money. I guess I am too used to having a computer around all the time. Or maybe I’m just a worrywart.

Something happened on Tuesday in math class that I didn’t expect. On the part of the board where the homework assignments are written, the teacher was writing down “No homework” on our side of the section (one part is for the Pre-Algebra 7, or regular math, and the other side is for the Algebra 1, or advanced math). There was a lot of surprise in general since usually we have homework every day, unless it’s the day before a long vacation, or we just took a test. It turned out we were taking a test which doesn’t affect our grade to judge how much of the Algebra curriculum we knew. I know I must’ve failed miserably since I didn’t remember most of the stuff. So today my teacher said some people scored really high, but some people weren’t retaining the things they’d been taught (she must have meant me XD) and she was worried about it. She started talking about how we needed to remember all these things in Geometry, since Geometry is different from most of the other math courses we’ll take, and so on, blah blah blah. (Note: I don’t mean to offend anyone with the last three words)

In the mail, we received a letter from the BestFriends Animal Society addressed to my mom. It was saying how they were trying to give homeless animals homes, and they wanted her support to help make their goal possible. My dad and I could hardly believe it since my mom is not too fond of animals. She thinks cats are kind of useless and that big dogs are scary. We get all sorts of other weird things in the mail, especially flyers advertising the store called Express, and how it’s having sales on women’s jeans and things like that. It’s always addressed to some random person called Eun M. Ji. (By the way, please don’t Google this person or anything like that, or it’ll ruin their privacy) I wonder why we keep getting them. Did this “Eun” purposely ask Express to send mail to us?

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