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Things definitely went out with a bang. When I first started out this anime I didn’t expect it to be quite so violent; I thought it would be a more lighthearted show, perhaps due to the bright color scheme. But there definitely ended up being quite a bit of blood of gore, especially in the last two episodes. I do find it interesting that the violence is condemned if it is initiated by “bad guys” like Moral, while it’s viewed as heroic when committed by “good guys” like Nice or Takahiro. It’s true that Moral’s acts of violence are unannounced and are directed against innocent people, but even the protagonists are more violent than they would need to be in the name of self defense or stopping a thug. Seems that all the punching people around was put in just because violence is supposed to be cool. (I know right now I sound like the guy who wrote that website ranting about the glorification of violence in The Matrix and how that’s going to corrupt society…I adore the cinematography and choreography of The Matrix’s fights, though) Murasaki looked a bit like Shizuo (Durarara 2nd season is on its way!!) when he fought against those hordes of Minimum holders in the park.

Even though I suspected that Nice wasn’t really dead – in a previous episode, I think I saw a glimpse of a white-haired head on a bed – I was still taken by surprise when he suddenly showed up at the end and quickly disposed of Moral. After all that buildup to Nice’s showdown with Moral, he got taken down so easily…then again, I know the producers must’ve wanted to throw in some plot twists so that the anime would be more memorable. The final scene reminds me a bit of Code Geass since here in Hamatora we have two (former) best friends who are now seemingly enemies now, trying to shoot each other at the very end of the anime’s first season. I’m rather curious how they’re planning to continue Hamatora from here on out. (I’m really glad Murasaki didn’t die, at least.)


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