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So at home, my grandma usually picks up the phone when I’m occupied with something. Well, since it was someone who spoke English, and not a Chinese dialect, she dropped the phone (didn’t hang up, just put it on the counter) and told me to pick it up. She was muttering “Some kind of junk, I can’t understand it”. I think it’s kind of mean to assume that about other people, just because they speak a different language (even if it does turn out to be junk, hoho). This person was someone I didn’t recognize, who wanted to talk to my dad, but he wasn’t home. (Other people in the past have wanted to speak to him. I wonder if he’s popular or it’s just a coincidence.)

Anyhow, I’d better talk about something else before you get bored. Today I almost killed one of the PE teachers… When I was going into the locker room to change into my PE clothes, she was trying to walk across, but my roller backpack got in her way. She tripped and almost crashed into the trash can and some students. I don’t think she was hurt, but what if I caused the school to ban roller backpacks? D: Well, that gives me an excuse to change backpacks without looking suspicious…

My dad is watching television right now…One of the local channels. That reminds me, once in a while, he watches our city’s channel, which is just watching not-too-good quality filming of the City Council’s activities. Our town isn’t too big, so the old mayor talked to my dad once. He asked my dad if he watched the city channel, and my dad sad yes, so the mayor told him he was a good citizen or something. XD

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