I recently finished reading Natsumi Ando’s manga Arisa. It’s the third one of her mangas that I’ve read – I’ve also gone through Zodiac P.I. and Kitchen Princess – and since I haven’t blogged in ages, I figured I’d discuss some things that I liked and didn’t like about Arisa. Please do note that this post contains some spoilers. Also, be advised that Arisa does depict suicide attempts, terrorist bombings, and bullying so you may not want to read the manga if it will be triggering for you.

Based on that alone, it’s already apparent that Arisa is darker than a lot of shoujo manga, or at least most of the ones I’ve read. My experience with shoujo in a school setting has usually been some romance between a rich and/or popular guy with an “average” girl, or occasionally a teacher and his student, with a love rival showing up at some point or another to complicate things. While Arisa does have some romance and a cutesy large-eyed art style, it was a refreshing read for me since it had a different vibe from what I’m used to in the shoujo genre.

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Chart from neregate. Click for full size.

It’s actually been a while since I’ve bothered to keep a written record of what anime I’m planning to watch for the upcoming season. I think it’s partially due to the fact that I’ll probably end up changing my mind later on depending on the feedback I see on MAL and elsewhere, and partially due to, well, laziness. But I figured I might as well take a peek at what’s coming up next because I’m currently bored. Not really sure why, considering I have plenty of anime that I plan to watch or that I’ve put on hold, but I guess nothing’s really been amazing to me lately.

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I actually hadn’t been keeping up with Root5 that much in the last couple of months, so it wasn’t until a friend mentioned them to me recently that I realized they’re about to release a new single on November 20. It’s called “Love Treasure”, which was composed by halyosy.  It comes with another song, “Hashire”, composed by KEI.

The official MV:

Version of the MV with anime-style art:

I used to have pretty mixed feelings about Root5. I love the individual singers, especially since I’ve actively listened to some of them for a year or more, but I had difficulty taking Root5’s songs seriously. I think it’s partly because I, for some reason or other, thought the PV of “Love Doctor” was hilarious (it was the first Root5 song I heard) and also because of the love theme that seems to prevail in their song titles. But I do like the beat of the songs and definitely the singers’ voices, so I try not to think about it that much and just enjoy Root5’s music.

Daily Deviation!

Today one of my photos on DeviantArt was selected for a Daily Deviation:

Click for the link to the deviation, where you can download the full size.

It’s a very simple picture I took back in 2012 (though I didn’t upload it until a month ago…and I still have a ton of old photos I haven’t sifted through yet) of glass that has been stained by lots of liquid staining. The blue and tan parts at the sides are objects that were on the other side of the glass. No post-processing because I’m lazy. I used to be a lot more active at photographing, meaning that I’d pretty much shoot anything interesting I saw, no matter how mundane the object itself was…I guess it finally paid off. xD

I’m actually somewhat surprised that it was this picture, which I’d uploaded as a resource, was the one that got a Daily Deviation. I have to admit I’ve daydreamed before about getting a DD, but I always thought that it would be one of the photos that I put more conscious thought into composing rather than something I regarded as a scrap…Nevertheless, I’m glad to have gotten it if that means someone out there will be able to find this texture useful (:

50 (Fictional) Spouses

Art by 皇 小J. Ymir and Christa from Shingeki no Kyojin. I just love this artist’s works and this seemed to be an opportune time to share this piece.

Wow, hard to believe it’s been so long since I last posted. I really do want to go back to actively blogging again, but I always either lack the time or a good idea to write about. Even now I still have writer’s block. xD So I decided to do one of those memes I saw floating around on Facebook a month or two ago. There’s “25 Husbands” and “25 Wives”. And I figured, hey, since I really am not in the mood to be productive, why not just do both?

I figured it’d be hard to pick only 25 if I included real people, so I decided to do only fictional characters this time. Just to clarify, that means, for example, that I would not put Tom Hiddleston here, but his character Loki would qualify. Also, I limited it to characters from series I’ve already watched/read. There are some characters I know a bit about from the Internet (mostly Tumblr) and I already think I’d like them, but I haven’t included them because I don’t really know enough about them.

So, without further ado, here they are. Click on the images for full view.

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Image from Massively by Joystiq

That’s right. It’s been announced here. The online multiplayer game, which was released back in 2003, is finally coming to an end on September 19, 2013.

Most of you have probably never even heard of the game, let alone played it, but I was obsessed with it in my late elementary school years and then throughout middle school. Even though I’d played some other kiddie MMORPGs like Runescape and Club Penguin, I never liked them anywhere near as much as Toontown (though in Runescape’s case it was probably because I didn’t do much socializing there and hated it when I got killed and lost all my items). I’ve always felt that Toontown was the best in terms of strategy and teamwork, and even if it was supposedly a kids’ game, if I had more free time, I’d still play it no matter how old I got.
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Image from Wikihow

Growing up, I never understood how people could have celebrity crushes. I heard other girls and women talk about various celebrities that they found attractive, ranging from David Beckham (I hadn’t known that he modeled underwear until someone showed me pictures of him on her cell phone) to, more recently, members of One Direction. In more extreme cases I would even read about or see people in the news passing out from excitement or wishing a certain celebrity would marry them. But celebrities lived in a totally different world and there was little chance of an “ordinary” person getting to meet them; why bother having crushes on them?  I didn’t get it.

Perhaps it’s because I never had much interest in or exposure to modern celebrities when I was a kid. My mother always only played classical music on the radio, so I didn’t even know many pop singers and bands existed. As for my father, he was a lot more familiar with older musicians and actors than people who had become famous in the 21st century. And even when I developed a passion for anime and various Japanese performers, I really only admired the skills of the singers and voice actors and never thought to myself that they were “cute” or “hot”. I didn’t even search for pictures of them because I didn’t want my opinion of them to be influenced by their looks. Maybe that unconsciously influenced me to become a fan of many utaite, hobbyist singers who mostly make covers of Vocaloid songs, since many of them never reveal their real names or post any pictures of themselves. I do certainly have “voice fetishes”, I suppose you could call them, since I generally have a bias for certain voice types over others. But to me, that’s not the same sort of attraction as a celebrity crush, because it’s based purely on voice and not just the sort of general “aura” or “persona” that they have. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized I was developing celebrity crushes.
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